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Miracle In The Worst of Times!

The football World has stopped, honestly most of the world has stopped. Times are strange, unlike any I have ever witnessed in my life. We all are tasked with assessing our lives and how we operate with in it at the moment. I don't believe it to be a stretch to call this one of the darkest periods in modern history. Now at this point I've said nothing new for anyone, but merely added a bit of context in an effort to provide a bit of clarity into how inspiring this moment I'm going to share was for me.

Abdelhak Nouri, has woken up from his coma after 2 years and 9 months. This news would be amazing regardless of who you are talking about, but this one is special in the world of football. For anyone unfamiliar Nouri was one of the most highly touted young players of the famed Ajax Academy, included in the Guardians 40 best young players in 2014. The Amsterdam native was well on the rise being named

in UEFA's European U-19 Championship best XI alongside future World Cup Winner Kylian Mbappe. While playing for Jong Ajax (Ajax 2nd Team) in Erest Divisie the Dutch second divison he was named the Player of The Season at just 19 years old. During that same season on September, 21st 2016 Nouri made his 1st team debut against Willem II in the KNVB Cup in which he also scored his 1st goal for the club. He had earned his way into the first team by the end of the season and was included in the squad for preseason. It was this summer when tragedy struck.

On July 8th 2017, During a preseason match with Werder Bremen, Nouri collapsed due to cardiac arrhythmia. He was air lifted to nearby hospital and days later it was announced that he had suffered severe and permanent brain damage. This was an inconceivable moment to bear witness to as not only did a young promising career end but the life of a young man was forever altered. He is person who meant a lot to the Netherlands, Ajax fans, and his teammates. Some of whom have adopted his number, such as

Justin Kluivert, Philippe Sandler, Amin Younes, and Kevin Diks at their new clubs. Ajax has also honored their former player by naming the "Player of The Future" Award after Nouri. Yesterday Abdelhak's brother Abderrahim Nouri revealed the former Ajax player had woken from his comatose state, and though he is still needing to be heavily cared for he is sitting up and watching football. I presume he is watching many of the many amazing moments that the young Ajax team has had over the last couple of years. It is only the first step in the long journey Nouri has in front of him but its a light, an unbelievably bright light in a tunnel that for a long time looked dark and grim.

As I previously said times are strange but if Abdelhak's miraculous moment has done anything it has given me a bit of hope and I hope many in the world not just in Football but in all arenas of life.

Be Safe, I will talk to you all soon.

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