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Tactical Team Up Incoming

We are extremely excited to announce that Tactical Foul has added a partner! REPP Sports makers of Raze Energy is gonna be a part of bringing Tactical Foul to all of our fans and those who aren’t fans yet! So late at night when you’re up listening to a new or old episode of the podcast but you need just a little bit of energy go grab a Raze Energy drink, no sugar, clean energy. Not longer drink bull semen, nuclear waste or whatever else you find in the other energy drinks. Unlike me maybe you’re a morning person and like to get up and go to the gym and that’s where you listen to all our foul soccer takes? No problem REPP has pre and post workout products to help reach your goals in the gym (weight loss, weight gain, maintaining). Your already this amazingly foul soccer community now go see what REPP Sports is all about!!

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